We're just a crazy little family trying to cope with our new life in Germany. I'm Dina and I'm married to Brian, an Airman in the US Air Force. We have two beautiful little boys named BK and Warren. My personal musings include thoughts on parenting, marriage, and life in general with it's joys and challenges.

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Meet Sadie :)
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Off to pick up Sadie ☺️🐶
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BK’s new friend ☺️@danielleandbell

My alarm is about to go off for the very latest I can get up

And we can still be on time to pick up Sadie, but it’s so fucking cold. I don’t want to get out of bed.

Posted 5 hours ago

Alarm is set for 6am so we can pick up our pup today

What time does Warren wake up? 5:15am. What time does he fall back asleep? 5:55am.

Ugh. You’re killing me kiddo.

Posted 5 hours ago

BK and Warren logic:

If it’s Daddy’s turn to get up, we wake up after 10am.

If it’s Mommy’s turn to get up, we wake up at the asscrack of dawn.

Posted 1 day ago

Apple peeps

My laptop, which is barely under a year and a half old, has been doing this really freaky thing where it will randomly just start going crazy. The mousepad will have a mind of it’s own and just start clicking on random shit or moving my screen around. The more I try to wiggle the mouse around (via mousepad), the more pissed off the tiny demon in my laptop gets.

And don’t even suggest trying to turn it off and then back on, because that doesn’t do shit either and just prolongs the little hellion’s attack.

Posted 3 days ago

Every time I hear a jet fly over during quiet hours

I can’t help but think “Well, there goes another €50k from the American government to the German government”.

Germany is very, very strict about their quiet hours. It’s usually from 10p-6am, then 1p-3p every day. Most people don’t pay too much attention to the afternoon quiet hours, simply because it’s so Americanized in our area. However, in part with the agreement between Germany and America, we have to follow quiet hours. 

Now, emergencies happen. After all, this is the busiest flight line outside of the US, which caters to all militaries through the UN and NATO. Mostly, it is American jets coming in and out, it’s a big time flight line between getting cargo to/from the middle east, getting our wounded members taken care of (they always come to the hospital I had Warren at), and even housing some of the worlds’ top leaders.

Because of all of this, the German government has given each base throughout the country an allotment of jets that may fly in or out after quiet hours. Brian wasn’t sure what the correct number was, but he’s pretty sure it’s around 30 a month. There are some months where we are within the allotment, and other times, well, not so much.

During those times where the government goes outside of the allotment, the American government pays roughly €50k (give or take) to the German government in fines.

It just baffles my mind how the government is hurting so bad financially, yet every road on base is getting redone, even if it was redone just last year and there is nothing wrong with it, they are building a HUGE hospital and expanding the main base, and then this. 

I just don’t get it.

Posted 3 days ago